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More Tour Pics!

I’ve added some more pics from this past tour to the Flickr stream. (You should see them right there on the right.) If you’re having troubles with the RSS feed, check out the stream directly over at the Flickr site here.

Wherein Matt Ducks Into a Corner with Jill’s Lappy

*Ducks into the corner and looks around suspiciously.*

Ok kids, I’ve got about 3.84987 seconds before I will be running late to load the van for tonight’s gig at The Seasons in the meantime, I thought that I would post an uber brief update:

1. See this for the Story thus far. I’ll probably re-post this entry there later.

2. Thursday September 4th, 2008 – Le Voyeur Cafe and Lounge in Olympia OR: This one was a three way gig swap with Reptet and Baby Gramps – both of whom are rock stars to my way of thinking. We have always enjoyed working with Reptet in the past, and this was just one more example of how good things can be when bands work together. Baby Gramps again failed to suck – even remotely. The guy’s a genius and just as warm and friendly as anyone could hope to ask for. There’s no doubt in my mind that his fans and friends will stay fiercely loyal as long as he’ll have us.

One minor minus: I have to say that the venue was less than helpful with setup. I think that it’s unreasonable for any band to ask a venue for things like manpower for ‘load in’ or with the band’s equipment. However, when it comes to the sound system at the venue, I think that it’s more than reasonable to expect a little help. Thanks to Durkin’s and xtingu ‘s collective brain power, we got the job done, but it was only after xtingu got looked at like she had three heads for asking What the setup was.

See that? Gotta run, so there’s not enough time to finish. I’ll be back later with a post about Mississippi Pizza and tonight’s gig!