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LEEF (2008) To hear samples, click here.

1. Ladies and Gentlemen
2. and go
3. Don’t Let ’em Getcha
5. My Guitar
6. Bongo non troppo
7. What’s Industrial Jazz?
8. What’s in Anne’s Icebox?
9. The Job Song
10. The Hotdog Hat
11. Howl
12. Big Ass Preview
13. Richardson’s Road Poem
14. Big Ass Truck
15. Fuck the Muck
16. Fuck the Muck (part two)
17. Big Ass Truck (radio edit)
18. The Job Song (radio edit)

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Industrial Jazz A Go Go! (2006)

1. Doo Wha?
2. Elmore Was Here
3. Bandoleero, Part One
4. Bandoleero, Part Two
5. The Truth and the Abstract Blues
6. Cannon Indie
7. El Grupo De Jazz Industriale
8. Baby, Shake That Thing
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The Star Chamber (2004)

Industrial Jazz Group - The Star Chamber

1. The Star Chamber
2. A Thousand Times No
3. Drippy
4. Gross Fugue
5. Little Owen
6. Schwarzkopf Takes the “C” For Flagstad
7. Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboy-Presidents
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City of Angles (2002)

1. Theme from City Of Angles
2. The Most Adaptable of All Weed Species
3. Interlude in Krupa
4. Void When Detached
5. Tribute to Chrome
6. Pince Nez
7. Tuxedo Trouble
8. Now That’s What I Call Music
9. Mwahaha
10. Full-On Freak
11. Losing Proposition
12. Los Feelies
13. Dear Sir Or Madam
14. Anger Management Classes
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Hardcore (2001)
1. Daphne’s Dream City
2. Valley of the Smokes
3. What is Music For? (Part 1)
4. Fantasy on Eine
5. The Man in the Godzilla Suit
6. Lucky Duck
7. Cozy ‘n Tooty
8. Skeeter Goes Legit
9. Fantasy on Cozy
10. Plus or Minus Eleven
11. What is Music For? (Part 2)
12. What is Music For? (Part 3)
13. Art & Commerce Prelude
14. Art & Commerce
15. Godzilla Redux
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So we’re not really industrial. Were The Beatles really insects?