You want your Leef page?  We've got your Leef page right here!
You want your LEEF page? We've got your LEEF page right here...

Welcome to the LEEF “liner note page,” part of my strategy for streamlining, vivifying and and greening the Industrial Jazz Group’s CD production process. Consider this blog an electronic version of a 20-page CD booklet. Of course, since it’s digital and all, you’ll find a few other doodads here as well.

LEEF (the IJG’s fifth “official” album) was recorded (mostly) live in performance at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, in May of 2007. It was released in March 2008 on the Evander label.

The album’s eco-friendly and minimalist (hardcopy) packaging features basic information like track names and personnel, all printed on 100% recycled paper using soy-based inks, with no glue or plastics of any kind.  But this website is where you’ll get the real meat and potatoes. (And said meat and potatoes will be updated from time to time.)

I’ve divided these notes into the following sections:

1. LEEF: peeps

2. LEEF: danke!

3. LEEF: re (I, II)

4. LEEF: views (I, II, III)

5. LEEF: reviews

6. LEEF: extry

Now don’t’cha wish yer traditional paper liner notes could do all that?!


— Andrew Durkin

(Photo credits: Matt Lichtenwalner and/or Jill Knapp)

So we’re not really industrial. Were The Beatles really insects?