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And for you completists out there, we present…

the IJG GIG ARCHIVE (in reverse chronological order)

2009 (so far…)
April 5: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA
April 4: El Cid, Los Angeles, CA
April 3: Dore Theater, Bakersfield, CA


Dec 31: Mississippi Pizza, Portland, OR
Sep 6: The Seasons, Yakima, WA (with Reptet)
Sep 5: Mississippi Pizza Pub, Portland, OR
Sep 4: Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA (with Baby Gramps and Reptet)
Sep 3: Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR
Sep 2, 2008, Jewel Box Theater, Seattle, WA (with Baby Gramps)
March 29: Fox and Goose Pub, Sacramento, CA
March 28: 21 Grand, Oakland, CA
March 27: Metro Galleries, Bakersfield, CA. Special guest: Tatsuya Nakatani.
March 26: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA. Our annual blowout at the fabulous Dizzy’s in San Diego.
March 26: Mesa Community College, Mesa, CA. A performance at Mesa College’s noon recital hour.
March 25: Temple Bar, Santa Monica, CA. Headlining with Suzy Williams and Her Solid Senders.


September 26: Rumba Cafe, Columbus, OH. (With Honk, Wail & Moan and the Free Beer n Chicken Coalition)
September 27: Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH at Jardin
May 18: The Hague Jazz Festival, Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands
May 17: Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 16: The Hague Jazz Festival (preview), Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands
May 12: Bakersfield Jazz festival, Bakersfield, CA
March 29: 2nd Street Jazz, Los Angeles, CA
March 28: Mesa College, Mesa, CA
March 28: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA
March 8: LoFi, Seattle, WA (with Reptet)
March 7: Someday Lounge, Portland, OR (with Reptet)
January 14: Bowery Poetry Club, NY, NY (with Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society)
January 13: Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Pittsfield, MA
January 12: Java Hut, Worcester, MA (with
January 11: IAJE conference, NY, NY
January 11: Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY (with Kris Tiner / Mike Baggetta group)
January 10: Chris’s Jazz Café, Philadelphia, PA (with Hoppin’ John Orchestra)


August 25 – 27: Jazz and Beyond Festival, Carson City, NV (quintet)
September 21: Safari Sam’s, Hollywood, CA
August 28: The Empty Space, Bakersfield, CA
August 27: 21 Grand, Oakland, CA
August 24: Club Tropical, Culver City, CA. (debut of 17-piece version of the group (15 + vibes and guitar), debut of big band material phase two)
July 28: Cafe Metropol, Los Angeles, CA (quintet, with CJ Boyd)
May 5: Café Metropol, Los Angeles, CA (quintet, with Gutbucket)
April 21: Barnsdall Gallery Theater, Hollywood, CA
March 15: Mesa Community College, San Diego, CA
February 25: Brewery Arts Center, Carson City, NV
February 24: Moody’s Bistro, Truckee, CA
February 12: Alternajazz Festival @Tangier, Los Feliz, CA



March 3: MoCA, Los Angeles, CA (quintet)
June 14: A/V Space, Rochester, NY (quintet)
June 15: The C-Note, NY, NY
June 16: Hamilton Street Café, Bound Brook, NJ
June 17: 12 Miles West, Bloomfield, NJ
June 18: Knappuccino’s, Wilmington, DE
September 25: Club Tropical, Culver City, CA (Robert Jacobson’s Ear Orchard Series; debut of big band material)
November 14: Club Tropical, Culver City, CA
December 3: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA
December 10: Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA
March 18-19: Moody’s Bistro, Truckee, CA (quintet)


December 6: Club Tropical, Culver City, CA
December 4: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA
November 25: KSDS, San Diego, CA (interview on The New Jazz Thing Live)
September 2: Club Tropical, Culver City, CA
August 30: Spotlight Theater, Bakersfield, CA
August 29: Moody’s Bistro, Truckee, CA (debut of the “new quintet”)
August 28: The Jazz House, Berkeley, CA
August 27: KZSU performance, Stanford CA
August 27: Zebulon’s Lounge, Petaluma, CA
June 20: Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, CA (Ear Jam performance featuring Bruce Fowler)
April 19: Club Tropical, Culver City, CA


November 15: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA
November 13: KSDS, San Diego, CA (interview)
November 8: The Jazz House, Berkeley, CA
November 7: KCSM, San Mateo, CA (interview)
November 7: Zebulon’s Lounge, Petaluma, CA
October 31: KWMR, Point Reyes Station, CA (interview)
September 30: Palomar College, San Marcos, CA (clinic)
September 20: Tangier, Los Feliz, CA (Raya Yarbrough’s Alternajazz Festival; debut of tentet and Go Go
September 12: Rocco, Hollywood, CA
May 27: Fais Do Do, Los Angeles, CA (Robert Jacobson’s Fat Tuesdays Series)
March 20: Bruno’s, San Francisco, CA
March 19: KCSM, San Mateo, CA (interview)
March 17: Salvation Theater, Los Angeles, CA (Aaron Kohen, Cory Wright, and Sara Schoenbeck premiere Durkin’s suite “Short Pieces for Tall Instruments,” which contains an early version of the tune that would become “Cannon Indie”).
February 22: Amoeba Records, Hollywood, CA (in-store performance)
February 22: Rocco, Hollywood, CA


July 11-12: Rocco, Hollywood, CA (City of Angles CD Release, with “Venetian String Quartet” (featuring Karin Elaine Bakunin, premiering a string quartet version of The Star Chamber)
November 10: KUSI Channel 9, San Diego, CA (quintet)
November 10: Dizzy’s, San Diego, CA (debut of nonet and Star Chamber material)
November 8: The Lounge (KPBS), San Diego, CA (quintet)
November 5: Palomar College, San Marcos, CA (clinic)
September 21: Rocco, Hollywood, CA (videotaping)
August 23: The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (with Kim Reith Trio)
March 30: The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (with I See Hawks in LA)
March 15: The Elephant Room, Austin, TX (SXSW)


October 22: The Temple Bar, Santa Monica, CA (debut of the septet version of the group)
July 2: The Temple Bar, Santa Monica, CA
June 28: The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (with the Grasshopper Quartet)
June 12: The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (Daniel Glass’s Music for Moderns series)
May 7: The Temple Bar, Santa Monica, CA
April 20: The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA
March 31: Kulak’s Woodshed, North Hollywood, CA (Daniel Glass’s first gig with us)
March 9: California Institute of Abnormalarts, North Hollywood, CA
January 27: Buster’s Coffeehouse, Pasadena, CA
January 20: Barnes and Noble, Manhattan Beach, CA

So we’re not really industrial. Were The Beatles really insects?