As you can imagine, it’s tough to schedule a gig (let alone a tour) for a time that fifteen stellar musicians happen to have free. So we have to have a “deep bench,” as they say. The exact personnel lineup may change from tour to tour (or even show to show), but the group has been known to attract the best players from cities around the world (including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, New York, Philadelphia, and Amsterdam). In that sense, the IJG is a true musical “collective” or “network,” as opposed to a traditional band with a static personnel.

Despite the unwieldiness of the personnel roster, we feel it is important to list everyone who has ever played with us by name here, because one of the things that makes this music “jazz” is the collaborative nature of it all. Sure, Durkin writes the music, but the IJG sound is forged by the musical personalities of the participants.

Here then is a handy guide to lead you through the madness. Most recent participants will be listed in the upper section, and members who haven’t played with us in a while will be listed in the lower section. Most of these folks have projects of their own that are well worth checking out – please feel free to click the links (they’ll open in a separate window/tab):


Saxes Reeds: Evan Francis (alto sax), Lee Elderton (soprano sax), Mary-Sue Tobin (tenor sax), Beth Schenck (soprano / alto sax), Ward Baxter (tenor sax), Damon Zick (multiple saxes), Mieke Bruggeman (bari sax), Cory Wright (multiple saxes), Brian Walsh (tenor sax / clarinet), Ben Wendel (tenor / soprano sax), Gavin Templeton (soprano sax), Josh Sinton (bari sax), Katharina Thompsen (tenor sax), Ryan Perez-Daple (soprano / tenor sax), Gabriel Sundy (bari sax), Dan Pratt (tenor sax), Josh Rutner (soprano sax), Kasey Knudsen (tenor sax), Tom Griesser (bari sax), Paul Perez (bari sax).
These are the trumpets!  They play the trumpet well! Trumpets: Kris Tiner, Daniel Rosenboom, Phil Rodriguez, Stephanie Richards, Andre Canniere, Darren Johnston.
Da bones Bones: Wolter Wierbos, James Hirschfeld, Ian Carroll, Mike Richardson, Ron Christian, Brandon Jagow, Derek Bondy, Nelson Bell.
Schnelle and Oliver at Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn, 2007) Rhythm section: Dan Schnelle (drums), 0liver Newell (bass), Jill Knapp (vocals, mirth), Tany Ling (vocals, ledger lines), Andrew Durkin (compositions, conducting, piano, miscellany).


Reeds: Jason Mears (alto sax), David Moyer (bari sax), Hayan Charleston (alto sax), Ariel Alexander (alto sax), James King (alto / soprano sax), Dan Boissy (alto sax), Matt Otto (tenor sax), Ron Dziubla (bari sax), Kelly Corbin (tenor sax), Mike Dodge (clarinet / tenor sax), Zane Musa (alto sax), Rob Scheps (soprano sax), Scott Hall (alto sax), Gary Harris (soprano sax), Jake McLain (tenor sax), Izaak Mills (tenor sax), Mike Brockman (soprano sax), Chris Fagan (alto sax).

Trumpets: Clinton Patterson, Scott Steen, Steve Campos, Bill Clark, Jeff Crouch, Brian Swartz, Matt Carr, Samantha Boshnack, Garner Pruitt, Jim Sisko, Justin Ray.

Bones: Bruce Fowler, Shaunte Palmer, Robin Javier, Garrett Smith, George McMullen, Stan Bock, Tom Hill, Marc Smason.

Rhythm: Joe Berardi (drums), Daniel Glass (drums), Aaron McLendon (drums), Drew Hemwall (drums), “Wild” Bill Wysake (drums), Dan Morris (drums), Ward Griffiths (drums), Drew Jorgensen (vibes), Eldad Tarmu (vibes), Robert Jacobson (guitar), Aaron Kohen (bass), Kevin Farrell (bass), Harish Raghavan (bass), Paul Gabrielson (bass), Dina Emerson (vocals), Amanda Tiner (vocals), Lauri Goldenhersh (vocals).

I sure as hell hope I didn’t forget anybody, but I probably did. If you notice an omission, let us know.

So we’re not really industrial. Were The Beatles really insects?