Tonight: The IJG, with featured soloist [Your Name Here]!

Hey students!  Think you have the chops to play with some of the pluckiest jazz players around?  We’d like to hear what you’ve got.

The Industrial Jazz Group is reaching out to high schools and community colleges around the country for mentoring and educational opportunities.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

  1. Tell your band director or music instructor that you’re interested in soloing with The Industrial Jazz Group.
  2. Ask your instructor to email Jill at jill at industrialjazzgroup dot com to get the ball rolling. Include your name, your instrument, your age, how long you’ve been studying, and why you’re interested in working with us.
  3. Jill will send you a Student Audition Packet which will contain the chart to an IJG tune, plus two recordings of the piece: one with our soloist, and one with the solo removed so you can rehearse.
  4. When you’ve worked up your solo, send us a recording, and a picture of you in the hat you’d wear if you’re selected to play with us.  :-)  (Hats make the band, dontcha know.)
  5. If you’re selected, we’ll work with your school to arrange for a performance.  IJG will perform a full concert at your school, and when your tune comes up on the set list, we will call you up, with thunderous applause!

Jazz Mentoring Workshops

We also offer jazz workshops for all instruments (including vocalists), and love to give masterclasses and critiques of jazz ensembles.  We can work one-on-one with students, or coach the band as a whole.

With almost all IJG members holding advanced music degrees and working as music educators during the daytime hours, adding a mentoring weekend workshop with The Industrial Jazz Group is a win-win.

Please contact Jill at jill at industrialjazzgroup dot com for more information.

So we’re not really industrial. Were The Beatles really insects?