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After digging through some emails exchanged between the space bee (bees??!!) and finding my username and password for this hiveblog, I’ve finally gotten around to writing up one of these posts.

…I don’t have much to write about at the moment. Its 3:13am, smack in the middle of another one of my fights with insonmia.

Shameless plug? Why the fuck not…

And if somehow you are magically transported to a transcendental/nirvana-like state of being and you just HAVE TO have more, get in contact with me and I’ll email you some more mp3’s.  But not all of them.  Unless you like the first couple I send you, then I’ll send the rest.  But only if I like you.

The band is comprised of some of my favorite people that I am so lucky to play with…all in the same damn group no less! Cory Beers plays a drumset that is of his own haphazard design (I think there’s an old military bass drum? and a propane gas tank…sometimes a fire alarm tuned perfectly to something in between a B and H). Tony Digennaro (Canyoneroooooooo!) plays his poop-scrotum guitar which is not the same as the scrotar…which he invented (sounds like ass, trust me). Jimmy James Jim-Jims Barry plays bass most of the time but will occasionally oblige the rest of the members’ tastes for the annoying and whip out his electric cello and electric accordion. Chris Stewart plays electric violin. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Stewart, you are fucking lucky. And me on my dumb-looking trombone thats appropriately amplified.

And don’t worry folk’ls, Tinhorn will be recording all new tunes (and some old ones that we never got around to polishing up) this summer. Then…there will be a new album for us to assert/insert into the music/art world.

Alright…thats enough plugging this morning.

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  1. Awesome, Ian. You probably noticed this already but in case you didn’t: you can post mp3s of the tunes here if you want.

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