Meme of memes

jesus beardFacial hair jokes: we can’t get enough of ’em. Sorry.

This one comes from the Blog of Christ, which as an agnostic I probably should have discovered a long time ago. It’s called “I Think It’s About Time I Lose the Beard”:

You know, it dawned on me recently that I’ve been rocking the same look for two millenia now, and never once considered a change.

Part of the reason was probably that you people love my long hair and beard look so much. Must be something appealing to you about the irony of worshipping a guy whose hair is a length forbidden by the most fundamentalist of you and whose beard makes him look like a homeless man you cross the street to avoid.

Majority of you Christians out there ignore the bulk of what I say anyway. You act like blessing those that curse you and turning the other cheek is some mamby-pamby hippy talk, not a decree from the Son of God. So maybe, you need a clean-shaven Lord and Savior to rail on you like a drill sergeant, and force some love, joy, peace, and patience down your throat.

So be it.

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