I wrote a new song for you

Introducing “The Seagull.”

First, live audio from the Hammer Museum show on August 19. The sound of the IJG in a big courtyard, at night. This was in fact the first time we had played this tune in public (I believe the technical term is “world premiere”). The trumpet solo is Dan Rosenboom, the tenor solo is Brian Walsh, and the alto solo is Evan Francis. Jill and Tany do an incredible seagull impression at the end.

(It sounds like someone in the audience breaks a glass at around the 17 second mark. Huh?)

Overall, not a perfect performance, but not a bad one either, and the energy is pretty intense, which I like.

The Seagull by uglyrug

And here’s the same tune the following night, at Dizzy’s in San Diego. You can hear the trumpets a little better in this one, so some of the time displacements might make a little more sense. Video courtesy of Tany Ling / Matt Lichtenwalner.

[Photo credit: Husky]