A live one

Audio from the March performance in LA, expertly recorded by our friend Daniel McCoy. This is probably one of the more “conventional” things I have written in a long time. We didn’t get much rehearsal on it (or any of the other new things I introduced on this tour), but the fact that it sounds a little like a graceful drunk falling down a set of stairs is by design.


2 thoughts on “A live one”

  1. I really dig this, Andrew. I’ve always been a fan of a Mingus-y approach to ensemble writing. And at this point there are also some very hallmark IJG sounds. Excited to hear more.

  2. Thanks so much for listening, Jason. In a way, this piece (and some of the other new IJG stuff) is a bit of a left turn for me. I was surprised when I noticed the kinds of things I was writing as I prepared for the March tour, but decided to trust my instincts and see where they led.

    I do have plans for this music, but I can’t reveal them quite yet… soon!

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