So Jill has been bugging me for some time to actually get up in here and post a damned blog post to this damned bloggy blog thing. And now seemed a good opportunity for me to do so — so that I could chime in and comment on her latest post, if only to add that the actual start time for the gig in question is 6 PM, and that we’ll be done by 8 PM. (In other words, you can bring the kids.)

I’ve no idea what is meant by the pudding in a bathtub remark. It does not in any way refer to any of the props we use in the show, as far as I know.

It also seems apposite for me to mention at this juncture that the fact that any IJG “regulars” are participating in this (very last-minute) extravaganza at all is entirely Ms. Knapp’s doing — she’s the one who is pulling the economic strings to make it happen. So I owe her a debt of big-ass gratitude, I’ll tell you what. (Any of you who subscribe to the “lone gunman” theory of artistic production: it’s pure bunk. There is always a conspiracy. In the case of the IJG, Jill is definitely in on that. Please be advised that without her, this band would be in something of a holding pattern.)

Anyway, I’m still nailing down many of the details for this gig, so I can’t say much more about it at the moment (other than to hint that there are a few surprises, twists, and / or turns in store … I think). What say you we meet here again next week and I give you a full report on how the preparations are proceeding? Right, then. Carry on.