We have a band

Ladies and gennul-men, we have a lineup for our special one-off New Year’s Eve show at Mississippi Pizza here in Portland:

Gavin Templeton (soprano sax, LA)
Lee Elderton (soprano sax, PDX)
Evan Francis (alto sax, Oakland)
Ward Baxter (tenor sax, PDX)
Mary-Sue Tobin (tenor sax, PDX)
Mieke Bruggeman (bari sax, PDX)
Dan Rosenboom (trumpet, LA)
Joel Griffith (trumpet, PDX)
Katie Presley (trumpet, PDX)
Ian Carroll (bone, LA)
Damian Erskine (bass, PDX)
Kevin van Geem (drums, PDX)
Jill Knapp (vox, east coast)
Tany Ling (vox, LA)
Andrew Durkin (madness)

We’re still short one bone player, but now you can’t have everything, can you?

More soon. In the meantime, let’s hope this damned snow goes away before next week.

"Blizzard" of 08