A tune I miss


And believe me, I don’t usually say that about things I have retired from the Industrial Jazz songbook. Once they’ve had a good run, I like to set ’em out to pasture, and move on to something else. But coming across this one in my files brought a tear to my eye, perhaps because it was one of the first “big band” charts I wrote:

Every Day I Have the Blues, Too

That’s right, it’s sort of an extended fantasia on a few thematic slivers from a tune you may be surprised to learn I love: Joe Williams & Count Basie doing Memphis Slim’s “Every Day I Have the Blues.”

This is a studio recording, unmixed and unedited. I may officially release it someday, who knows.

Saxes: Damon Zick (soprano, bari), Ben Wendel (soprano), Dan Boissy (alto), Brian Walsh (tenor), Cory Wright (tenor).

Trumpets: Dan Rosenboom, Kris Tiner, Phil Rodriguez

Bone: Mike Richardson

Drums: Dan Schnelle

Bass: Oliver Newell