Yo, Jimbo

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It’s Friday, and that means time for another upload from the vaults:

Yo, Jimbo

This was our encore at the aforementioned Bimhuis show.

Though most of the band had played the tune before, we hadn’t rehearsed it with this particular personnel configuration. Can you tell?

Speaking of “this particular personnel configuration,” I was quite remiss in failing to remind you of who exactly played in the Bimhuis band. Let me fix that now: Dan Rosenboom, Phil Rodriguez, Andre Canniere (trumpets); Wolter Wierbos, James Hirschfeld (bone); Beth Schenck, Cory Wright, Evan Francis, Brian Walsh, Katharina Thomsen, Josh Sinton (saxes); Oliver Newell (bass); Dan Schnelle (drums); Jill Knapp (vocals, dancing); Durkin (composition, conducting).

Once again: unmixed, unedited, would like to return to it someday, blah blah. Enjoy!

[Photo credit: crschmidt]

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