The big tour

Hi folks! We’re keeping this here tour schedule post on the top of the page until the tour is over next week.

To read about our follies on the road, just scroll below this entry.
Thanks! –The Mgmt.

Well, this is it. October 15-24 will be a week and a half to remember, as the Industrial Jazz Group undertakes the most ambitious tour in its history. Get ready for… Rocktober!

Thursday, 10/15, 5 PM: Pittsfield Jazz Festival (Pittsfield, MA)

Friday, 10/16, 7:55 PM: Green Line Café, Locust (Philadelphia, PA)

Saturday, 10/17, 8 PM: Galerie St. George (Staten Island, NY)

Sunday, 10/18, TBA: Mystery gig (NYC)

Monday, 10/19, 9 PM: The Bell House (Brooklyn, NY)

Tuesday, 10/20, 7:30 PM: The Space (Hamden, CT)

Wednesday, 10/21, 8 PM: Twins Jazz (Washington, DC)

Thursday, 10/22, 11 PM: Automata Chino (Jersey City, NJ)

Friday, 10/23, 8 PM: Time & Space Ltd. (Hudson, NY)

Saturday, 10/24, 9:30 PM: The Black Door (Montpelier, VT)

Yeowza! Makes me want to create one of those moth-eaten tour T-shirts with all the dates on the back. (You know, the ones everyone had in high school, back in the 80s.)

Hope to see you at a show! Please tell your friends!

Contest Mania!

In order to celebrate this mammoth undertaking, we are going gangbusters with two totally rad contests! You could win prizes, fame, and fortune!

First, the IJG remix contest: remix our tune “Howl” (from the album LEEF), and you could win a $50 prize. Plus, your mix could be included on our next album! Details here. Deadline: December 31, 2009.

Second, the IJG video contest: make a video for our song “The Job Song” (also from LEEF), and you could win $250! Details here. Deadline: January 31, 2010.


Fundraising for the tour continues. If you have been waiting for a good time to contribute, wait no longer: now is a good time to contribute! We need all the help that we can get! Details here. And thanks!

Rocktober Online!

As usual, all the antics from the tour will be posted online as much as possible. If you’re unable to make it to a show, feel free to follow the fun at the group blog, at this here blog, at Durkin’s twitter feed, at Jill’s twitter feed, or at (new!) Dan Rosenboom’s twitter feed.

And thanks, as always, for your support! We’re nothing without you. Eastward ho!

with much love,
The Industrial Jazz Group