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Stakes in the ground

Okay, I feel like I at least have the basic outlines of a tour in place. I can’t say much about it yet, though the two officially confirmed gigs are now listed on our “shows” page:

October 15 in Pittsfield, MA — We’re going to be the headliners at that (very artsy) city’s October “Third Thursday” celebration. We played here last time we were out east (2007), and had a great time.

October 19 in Brooklyn, NY — Pairing up once again with our friends: Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society. Come on: how many times a year do you get to hear two wildly different big bands in one evening? A splendid time is guaranteed, etc., etc.

There are other exciting things waiting in the wings, I swear. I just can’t commit ’em to text yet, cuz none are locked in. But there will be more updates soon, and much “huzzah”-ing, and maybe a little “harumph”-ing too.


A VERY STUPID, hastily-edited little promo spot about our upcoming tour, done in the style of the bombastic action movie trailer. (All that’s missing is the deep masculine voice-over.)

Does this make you want to see one of our shows? Please?

Friday, April 3 (Bakersfield) – Cal State Bakersfield’s Dore Theater. 8 PM.

Saturday, April 4 (LA)El Cid. 10 PM.

Sunday, April 5 (San Diego) – Venue change! We’re now playing at Dizzy’s in San Diego (not at Mesa College), in a delicious triple-bill. The night starts with the Mesa College Jazz Ensemble at 6pm, PLOTZ! at 7 PM, and IJG at 8pm.

Hope to see you there!