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Very important news. I mean, really super important.

Are you sitting down?  This news may come as a terrible shock to you, so you’ll want to have someone you love close by for support:   I’ve decided to be a stegosaurus instead of a bee for the Pacific Northwest tour.

I know, I know, this is all very sudden.  The bee hat is an IJG icon, much like the beloved hotdog hat.  Don’t fear, the bee isn’t gone forever, but the dinosaur lobby is very strong in the Mid-Atlantic region, and they’ve been demanding equal time.  As we enter the politically-charged autumn months, I can’t afford to let my Jurassic constituents down.  When the time is right (like when I get around to washing my stripey tights), the bee will be resurrected.

Until then, be strong, my children.  Have faith.  Now is the time for courage and bravery.