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The artist at work…

I’m sure we can all agree that nothing says “sexy!” like a chick in rubber gloves.

The "artist" at work
It’s true– I really do make the band T-shirts in my garage. They even smell like my laundry detergent, because the paint adheres to the fabric mo’ bettah if they’re washed first. See? Quality control!

Our shirts are guaranteed to be 100% unique and pet-hair free. No animals were harmed during the T-shirt making process, and they were manufactured in a garage that does not process peanuts or soy. Safe for the whole family! We eliminate the middleman and pass the savings on to you! [Insert cliché of your choice here!]

The best news is that if your favorite size/design/color combination is sold out at the show, you can leave a note and cashola with Matt (he’s the hunky schwag handler) and I’ll custom make one for you and pop it in the mail pronto.

See you on the west coast!


Very important news. I mean, really super important.

Are you sitting down?  This news may come as a terrible shock to you, so you’ll want to have someone you love close by for support:   I’ve decided to be a stegosaurus instead of a bee for the Pacific Northwest tour.

I know, I know, this is all very sudden.  The bee hat is an IJG icon, much like the beloved hotdog hat.  Don’t fear, the bee isn’t gone forever, but the dinosaur lobby is very strong in the Mid-Atlantic region, and they’ve been demanding equal time.  As we enter the politically-charged autumn months, I can’t afford to let my Jurassic constituents down.  When the time is right (like when I get around to washing my stripey tights), the bee will be resurrected.

Until then, be strong, my children.  Have faith.  Now is the time for courage and bravery.


IJG PNW Tour Schedule!

Thanks to the hundreds of specially-trained piegons working for us, we’ve got 6 shows lined up in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, Olympia, etc.).  Check out the specifics on our calendar, which you can find up there under “Shows.”

Is there anyplace you’d like to see us play (other than far far away, you weisenheimer) ?  Gather your friends and demand us using Eventful, and we’ll do what we can to get to your neighborhood.  The more votes a city/region gets, the better your chances.

–Jill (your 3rd favorite bee girl)